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What Does...

"The Keto Diet"

Mean To You...?

From: Dr. Ti Caudron, PhD
Where: San Ramon, CA 

Re: The Keto Cleanse 

Dear Friend,

As we age, it gets harder and harder to lose weight. Our hormones change and our metabolism gets affected. The diets that used to work now fail us. 

And, did you know that some people get more sensitive to carbohydrates as they age so that the same eating style that worked for them earlier in life can now cause weight gain! 

Could you have the kind of carb sensitivity that makes it difficult to lose weight?
  • Do you crave carbs like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sugar treats and have trouble eating them in moderation?
  • ​Do you gain weight when you eat a small amount of carbs and notice that other people eat much more than you? 
  • ​Do you tend to gain the most weight at your belly or in your hips and thighs? 
  • ​Is your energy low after you eat, mid-morning or late afternoon? 
What could the Keto Diet do for You? 

Everyone has different ideas...
  • You might be looking for the reset to get your body to start burning fat and lose the stubborn weight that seems to be stuck during middle age. 
  • For others, you have a chronic issue that won’t go away...low energy, pain, brain fog, and you're not sure why.
Before I share with you MY GOAL for the Keto Diet... let me ask you a few questions…

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

Are you new to the Keto Diet and wondering how to start?
Are you questioning if the Keto Diet is safe? 
Are you unable to stay on the Keto Diet consistently? 
Do you wonder if you’re in ketosis or how to get into ketosis?
Are you unable to burn fat and lose the weight you want?
And most of all, do you feel like you are missing out on the results other people are getting? 

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join our signature online Keto Cleanse Program - the healthy and accelerated path to fat loss.

We developed the Keto Cleanse as the mid-life solution to stubborn weight and as a reset to the carb sensitivity that can cause these issues. 

Having helped thousands of people to implement a healthy version of the Keto Diet, our Keto Cleanse, I know how important it is that you have the right guide to walk you through the right way to do it.

There are so many proven benefits of living the Keto Lifestyle...
Lose Weight
- "I'm 23 pounds down from the start of the class."
- "My mood’s improved - I feel happier!" 
- "My energy is definitely up!"
- "The late night eating has stopped."
- "I don't feel hungry."
- "I could have fat instead of sugar - I like that!"
- "My blood sugar is down!"
- "I plan to stay with this ketogenic eating. I love it!"
Make it Easy and Fun
- "I lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks!"
- "It is a great program for everyone... it's easy!
- "It's been awesome all the way!"
- "The best thing is that I did it with...support from my daughter at home."
- "I tried several things before...and it's very hard for me to keep it up even for a few weeks...It's been six weeks it's been great!"
In The Press: Everyone is Talking the Keto Diet and Ketones!
Dr. Oz and The Wendy Show Fats with Benefits Keto
Good Morning America - Breaking Down the Keto Diet
The Doctors #KetoDiet - #1 Most Googled Diet Search Term
Women's Health: Keto - The Best Diet for Losing Fat and Building Muscle
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Men's Fitness: The Truth Behind the World's Most Cutting-Edge, Fat-Burning Performance Meal Plan: the keto diet
Keto is the most researched diet search term in Google. 
Research suggests the Keto Diet helps with: 
  •  Weight Loss (1*)
  • Cognitive Improvements (2)
  • Physical Performance (3)
  •  Neuroprotection for the Brain (4)
  •  Improving Insulin Sensitivity (5)
  •  Cancer Inhibition (6)
*Scientific references at the bottom of the page.
Keto Diet - #1 Most Googled Diet Search Terms
But, people are VERY confused about Keto.
Most people are doing Keto completely wrong, loading up with inflammatory foods that can cause harm.
They don't know how to get into ketosis or get out of ketosis safely and effectively.

They are searching for Keto on Google where so many misinformed articles, recipes and “trainers” are teaching wrong information that will at best give zero results and at worst hurt your body.
I knew I had to do something...
People kept asking me if I thought the Keto Diet or Keto Supplements would work for them.

I was fed up with the confusing and even dangerous information they were getting....

It was time for me to show people the truth...

It was time to simplify things for everyone...

It was time to create an effective, healthy, easy-to-follow program that would make every step into the Keto Lifestyle as simple and as healthy as possible.

Introducing the Keto Cleanse…

I created the Keto Cleanse to meet the need of people with stubborn weight that could be caused by carb sensitivity and to help people who want to try the healthy, sustainable version of the Keto Diet.

The Keto Cleanse is the premier healthy Keto Program. We were the first Keto Program to focus on vegetables, avoid inflammatory foods, and teach a sustainable eating style that works to help reset your hormones and your metabolism. 

Since launching the program, there have been thousands of women and men who have made the life-changing decision to follow the program…
"Hi, I’m Dr. Ti Caudron. PhD, and I’m the creator of the Keto Cleanse. As a Sustainable Weight Loss Expert, I’ve helped more 10,000 people over 40 finally lose the weight—and keep it off!"
I've dedicated my life's work to breaking the cycle of weight loss and regain that most people experience, especially those in their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond.

At VitaliTi Wellness, we build our programs from proven, science-based nutrition and sustainable weight loss strategies specifically for people over 40. Our approach is to help you not only lose weight, but to keep it off — for good.

I know how hard it is to follow any nutrition program on your own. Too many questions come up about whether you’re doing it right and the results take too long to show. 

My passion is to empower people with the information, motivation, and support they need to achieve and maintain their optimal weight at any age. I promise, it's never too late!
What is Keto? And How Does It Work?
The Ketogenic Diet or “Keto” for short can require drastically reducing your carb intake and replacing it with fat, forcing your body into a state of ketosis where your body starts burning its own fat. Does it work? Is it safe? 

Despite the recent hype, the Ketogenic Diet is not something new. In medicine, it's been used for almost 100 years to treat drug-resistant epilepsy, especially in children. From an evolutionary standpoint, ketones--the energy source formed by the breakdown of fat--has been a life saving fuel. 

Here’s how it works: The body can burn both fat and carbs for fuel - it's kind of like having a hybrid car inside of us. Carbs are quick burning fuel like gasoline and fat is a longer lasting fuel source - it's like having a super charged battery pack in our hybrid car that can go for days. 
Ketogenic Diet Notepad: High Fat, Moderate Protein, and Low Carb
Unfortunately, getting into ketosis, where your body is mainly burning fat for fuel, as a modern day human is not an easy thing. In clinical studies, it takes 4-6 weeks before participants are "Keto adapted" and able to burn fat easily. And, if you're trying to get into ketosis on your own, it's challenging to know what and how to eat to get your body to start burning fat and using ketones for fuel. People even report getting something called the "Keto Flu" when they are trying to get into ketosis because their bodies struggle with changing over to use fat for fuel. 

At Vitaliti Wellness, we have cracked the code on healthy and easy fat burning using the power of ketones. And, I am personally committed to helping people learn how to start using this amazing fuel source. Because the benefits are too great to not understand this process.
What Are the Benefits?
Benefits of Keto Diet: Weight Loss
Weight Loss (1,5)
Benefits of Keto Diet: Focus
Focus (2)
Benefits of Keto Diet: Strength and Endurance
Strength (3)
Benefits of the Keto Diet: Energy
Energy (7)
Benefits of the Keto Diet: Better Digestion
Better Digestion (8)
Benefits of Keto Diet: Reduced Appetite
Reduced Appetite (9)
Eliminate Cravings
- "I can fit into clothes that I couldn't  wear!"
- "I have fat loss consistently!"
- "I don't have that afternoon slump." 
- "I don't have the mid-morning snacking or cravings."
- "I was more than satisfied!"
Think Clearly and Focus
- "I wish my brain had worked like this my whole life."
- "The sludge is gone!" 
- "I think clearly, I remember…"
- "My focus and clarity is incredible!
- "I am so hopeful and want everybody to have this!"
What's in the program?
  • ​Video Lessons + Handouts: Your course portal gives you on-demand access to our exclusive, guided system with tips, tricks and all the information you need for immediate results plus access to recordings of our coaching sessions.
  • ​What is Ketosis and Ketones: The hard science including the benefits and advantages of this metabolic state 
  • Is the Keto Diet Safe? The keys to getting into and out of Ketosis safely using nutrition and supplementation and who is best suited to try it
  • Fasting: Strategies to get the benefits of fasting while increasing energy and not being hungry
  • Ketone Supplements: How to get the benefits of occasional fasting—high Ketone levels inside the body—without actually having to do a strict Keto Diet
  • Common Mistakes: The three most common mistakes most people make doing Keto that keeps them from losing weight or feeling good and can make the Keto Diet unsustainable and potentially unsafe
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to break free from your carb sensitivity and harness the power of the healthiest version of the Keto Diet to lose 3-15 lbs in 3 weeks so that you can look and feel amazing. 
Ready to Get Started?

When you Sign Up You’ll Get the Complete Keto Cleanse Program!


100% Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t lose 3-15 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 3 weeks*

Because the VitaliTi Keto Cleanse program gets results, we’re willing to let you access class materials, and complete the program — all completely risk free.  

*If you follow the program, keep a food journal, and ask for help if you get stuck, we guarantee that you will lose 3-15 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 3 weeks or your money back.
Success Stories
"Before starting the program I had yo-yoed back and forth with weight loss not really being successful. I had incorporated a good fitness program into my lifestyle which did help. I definitely am a social eater so didn’t really think about what I was eating and when. Just kind of went with the flow. I didn’t have the best body image and always looked enviously at thinner people.

I have tried several things. I have done keto in a mild way where I did not measure ketones and all that however I did low-carb low sugar. I had some short lived success but I quickly fell off that wagon. Last year I did hCG twice and lost a great deal of weight however I did not feel my best and even though I adopted a better fitness routine in my life once I stopped the hCG, I found myself getting back into my old habits and gained 20 of the pounds back.

I just decided that I wanted to be healthy for myself I wanted to look in a mirror and be happy with what I saw.

Since starting Ti's program, I find that I am definitely more thoughtful about what goes into my mouth. I am very thoughtful about what I am eating with others. I am very thoughtful about what I am going to eat. I definitely look at menus with a different view now and look for things that will fit into what I have learned to be better for myself. I absolutely love the community that I have become involved in. Having those people every week be my own little cheerleading team is so amazing and powerful for me personally. Having Ti's support is incredibly powerful in my journey; just having all the positivity and encouragement and people going through the same thing I am has helped this program become such an easy thing for me.

As of today I have lost 24 pounds! I have very solidly lost one pant size and I am swimming in most of my tops. I love walking into my closet knowing I don’t have to think "oh my goodness is that going to look OK on me?" I know I can just pull anything out at this point and put it on and feel good about myself.

I am just excited to continue the journey and I love the recognition of my progress that I've gotten from my husband and daughter! It makes me proud of myself and want to continue this journey to see where I will end up."
"When the pandemic hit, I started gaining weight pretty quickly and reached out to Ti. I was 188 lbs then and going in the WRONG direction! I felt out of control, unmotivated, uncomfortable in my clothes and in my skin. But following Ti’s program, I learned how to eat for my body's specific nutritional needs, got the support I needed and was able to change my future. I’ve lost 34 pounds during the pandemic and now I love looking in the mirror. I’ve never been at this weight in my adult life! (I didn’t know it was possible.) I feel confident about my body and I’m finally comfortable in my skin!"
"Your program changed my life.

In the month we took the class, I had lost 17 pounds. I felt that this way of eating, coupled with exercise, really suited me. I felt great, and it was clearly working, so I decided to keep it up. I am proud to tell you that by mid-September, about 6 months after we started, I was down 50 pounds! I went from an XL shirt size to a Medium and from size 36 pants to a size 32.

Even better, I’ve stayed there (even after Thanksgiving!). I am definitely not as strict as I was, but I understand my body and diet much more than I did before and I’m able to self-regulate and correct, which is key.

I just wanted to let you know how much your program meant to me, and say thanks.

P.S. Isabel also ended up down about 20 pounds and has kept it off as well!"
"Before I started the Vitaliti Program I felt like I would never be able to improve my health beyond taking 5-6 medications at a time for Type 2 diabetes. Right before the Keto cleanse I weighed myself and I remember I was so close to 275-280 I jumped off the scale in disbelief, I have never weighed that much ever, and being 5 feet 8 that was not good.

My weight was slowly climbing to an out of control status and I had absolutely NO energy. My Mental & Emotional Wellbeing was all over the place and severely hindered my outlook on my life and relationship with my family.

The program I previously tried to lose weight was a different version of Keto, during which I consumed so much fat like bacon and eggs several times a day and so many other foods that weren't good for my body. It didn't work because it was all about food and nothing about how I felt and the purpose of food, or even finding the right kind for my body.

Then the Vitaliti program not only gave me the right things to do, but explained to me why I was doing them. The knowledge given by Ti is more than I have ever heard or learned in my life. I learned the type food my body seemed to respond to better than what I have always tried in the past. It also gave me a very strong "why." We develop our "why" with the community in the first few days of the program and the accountability you get from it is phenomenal.

So far I have lost about 35 lbs, and my medical stats have changed drastically. I am currently taking only 1 medication per Dr. orders. All pain pills and pills taken for numbness have been discontinued. No more inulin pen as I was taking 1x weekly; just 1 pill now. Recently spoke with Dr. and she says with this progress, our next step is is taking me off all meds.

I think when and what I eat was a major shift for me during this whole program; it takes the pressure off of feeling guilty and most of all starving myself and then indulging on food that's not healthy for me. Emotionally I started feeling better about myself after I could really see the change in my face and my clothes fitting. I felt more confident about myself, I was more calm, and didn't feel like I was on edge anymore about everything, and I have so much energy now it's crazy.

It means EVERYTHING to me; my relationship with my daughters, my wife and sons have all improved.

I love the community support, information, supplements, education, Ti's friendliness, her positive outlook, and the way she motivates so many people. Its so refreshing to have someone that doesn't look down on you and is always there to move you to higher ground. She's no dummy; she know her stuff, and has an explanation for most comments people have.

It's phenomenal; I would only recommend this program for real results."
"Taking your class with my husband really had such a positive impact on our lives, and we have in turn motivated so many others who have wondered what our secret has been. And we stuck with it because we did it together - I think that was a key.

The program just intuitively feels right - there's no gimmick - and works. I ended up losing around 20 pounds and have managed to keep it off! We are really grateful we found it when we did!

"This VitaliTi class was a revelation! My partner Jeffrey and I took the program together, hoping to fine-tune our eating. We got so much more than that.

Ti’s program is unique in its approach to nutrition; it’s full of practical, science-based principles to guide you to healthier eating and feeling your best. Jeffrey has lost 15 pounds in about a month, and I just feel more “defined” somehow, physically and mentally. And there is a real sense of community and camaraderie in the program, a sense that we are all in this together, helping each other find a healthy way to eat that works for us.

What this nutritional-focused class really has going for it is an uncommon amount of personal attention that you can’t get anywhere else. Zoom virtual classes create an unexpected intimacy with Ti, who is able to focus on each participant in a way that adds so much value to these classes."
"When I started I weighed 185 and wore a size 14 pants and large shirts. I was worried I would become diabetic (runs in the family). I remember the most annoying thing about being over weight was bending down to tie my shoes and I wouldn’t be able to breathe! I had low confidence, I remember not really wanting to go out to rodeo, parties, or family events. I would get headaches and I remember when ever I got a cold it would last months like a cold after a cold after a cold.

Since starting the VitaliTi program I have lost 55 pounds, and I feel really really healthy! I went from a size 14 to a size 4.

I feel very confident now; I can be invited to impromptu events and feel great about going because I know I won’t have to spend hours picking out clothes that will look good on me and smothering my face in make up. I have more energy than most of my friends and I think I’m a little more out going too!

When you first meet Ti you realize she's a VIBRANT person. She loves to teach and learn herself, which is great. She doesn't just find one result and stick to it, she evolves with her studies of nutrition.

The community and accountability is the best part of Vitality. When you look up the word positivity in the dictionary it shows a picture of Ti's face. We have this thing in our house called “pulling a Ti” it is when one of us voices a complaint or negative comment about a nutritional issue and another person replies with “I am going to pull a Ti” and they flip the comment into a positive moment and evaluation that we can learn from. Cause that is what Ti does."
"The beauty of your VitaliTi programs is how they become about science. The science of how my body reacts to the things I consume, my routine and habits. When I get the feedback from the metabolic scale (and Ti’s very skillful interpretation of my numbers), it allows me the tools to understand the science of my body’s reactions. Once I have that, it becomes about choices. Not just about how much weight I have or have not lost.

That’s when I shift from “being on a diet” to “a lifestyle change where I’m in control of making choices that affect how I feel, my energy, and lead to weight loss."
"I have always struggled with my weight. I can reach my goal but staying there is the problem and as I get older my weight has been fluctuating meaning easy to gain hard to lose. Going on vacation always gets me off track and getting back on track is so difficult for me.

I’m lifetime member of Weight Watchers! I have also tried Paleo, Beachbody Shakes, Cambiati, South Beach. Exercise has been running and the gym. Then I was introduced to VitaliTi a few years ago and I was very successful.

I started with Keto Cleanse and things started to shift. Mentally I felt clear, physically I had more energy, and most of all I wasn’t hungry all the time. I felt committed to the program right away; my thought was "follow the program and see if it works for you." If I cheated then I wouldn’t really know if it works. I ended up losing around 20 pounds!

I have joined the Mastery program for accountability because I don’t want to gain and lose weight over and over!!! I like knowing I have support. I feel great! I like knowing my clothes will fit. I realized I’m happy with my body and how I look. I have never been able to say that. I like looking at my body as a science experience working the numbers along with the food. I love Ti’s knowledge, support, and commitment. 

The online VitaliTi programs have been great. I feel anyone who really wants to make a commitment to themselves and the program will be successful. I tell my friends and family if you are ready to make a change this program will work for you but you have to commit and do the work!! I feel I’m still learning and benefiting from the VitaliTi program on my journey to permanent weight loss."
"In my 30's I did South Beach, but I easily lost and gained weight. I also was a fitness instructor and member of a dance team so that kept me in tone. When I got into my late 40's and started menopause South Beach didn't work for me anymore. It was frustrating. I learned about Keto from Ti, and the details of fat storage, hydration, and carbs that I had never learned in a way that stuck with me so that I could replicate it.

I was frustrated with how my body was changing in menopause, being pre-diabetic, and not being able to manage my weight effectively.

I had real success with Ti's Keto Cleanse because of the community support so I decided to continue with the Mastery program. Since starting, I have lost over 20 pounds!

I am experiencing a quiet sense of mountain top achievement in reaching this milestone. Mastery is teaching me a lifestyle. I am excited to be in this program to have the support as I learn to master maintaining my ideal weight through holidays, vacations, and any unexpected events that may occur.

The community and Ti's commitment to working with her clients to discover what works and what doesn't work for them is what really makes the programs. It works, if you work it. It's a commitment but it's worth it."
"On the program, I lost nearly 30 pounds! I am well on my way.

I’ve been committed to the program since I started; there are times when I fall short but it never last more than a day.
My life has changed because my confidence level is changing. It makes me feel good when I accomplish goals and I look better!

I love Ti's enthusiasm, I love her inspiration, and I love how she empowers you to be the best you."
"Before starting Ti's program I was overweight and feeling generally run down and tired. I wasn't sleeping well and was pretty much feeling all around crappy. I had tried a few different weight loss programs, but nothing ever stuck.

During Ti's Weight Loss Break Through program, I lost a total of 25 lbs and kept it off almost 100%. I have been fluctuating between 190 and 195 lbs since the program ended.

I feel great now and I am very happy that I decided to make this change and commitment.
The community and the education around diet/health has been my favorite part of the VitaliTi programs. Ti's energy and love for what she does is my favorite part about her!!

My whole family is doing the program now. Thanks for all that you do Ti!! This has been such a great journey."
Keto Diet and Keto Supplement Weight Loss 30 lbs Lost
Keto Diet Weight Loss 30 Lbs Weight Lost
Scientific Articles:
 (1) Weight Loss

(2) Cognitive Improvements

(3) Physical Performance

(4) Neuroprotection For The Brain

(5) Improving Insulin Insensitivity

(6) Cancer Inhibiting

(7) Energy

(8) Digestion

(9) Appetite Suppression