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Case Studies - Real People. Real Results.
Lose Weight
- "I'm 23 pounds down from the start of the class."
- "My mood’s improved - I feel happier!" 
- "My energy is definitely up!"
- "The late night eating has stopped."
- "I don't feel hungry."
- "I could have fat instead of sugar - I like that!"
- "My blood sugar is down!"
- "I plan to stay with this ketogenic eating. I love it!"
Make it Easy and Fun
- "I lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks!"
- "It is a great program for everyone... it's easy!
- "It's been awesome all the way!"
- "The best thing is that I did it from my daughter at home."
- "I tried several things before...and it's very hard for me to keep it up even for a few weeks...It's been six weeks it's been great!"
Eliminate Cravings
- "I can fit into clothes that I couldn't  wear!"
- "I have fat loss consistently!"
- "I don't have that afternoon slump." 
- "I don't have the mid-morning snacking or cravings."
- "I was more than satisfied!"
Think Clearly and Focus
- "I wish my brain had worked like this my whole life."
- "The sludge is gone!" 
- "I think clearly, I remember…"
- "My focus and clarity is incredible!
- "I am so hopeful and want everybody to have this!"
The Keto Cleanse is a Complete Nutrition Program to Get You on the Fast Track to Looking and Feeling Your Best
  Weight Loss Has Been Hard and Complicated...
  You're Just Missing the Info That Makes It Easy and Delicious
What You Get With the Keto Cleanse
  • Three recorded live video classes from Ti's Keto Cleanse Class
  • The step by step system to get results
  • Exactly what to do and eat and WHEN
  • The major mistakes and solutions to correct them 
  • Weekly tips to trouble shoot your plan and accelerate your results 
  • The science behind why this works
  • Daily and Weekly Trackers  
  • How to test for ketosis 
  • Zero confusion 
  • Private Facebook group for support and accountability 
  • Inspiration from Ti and the course participants
  • And so much more...
Are You Ready to Be Your BEST YOU? 
Feeling and Looking Great!
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The Keto Cleanse is not a medically supervised program nor have any of the statements on this website or in this program been evaluated by the FDA. Ti Caudron, PhD is a Nutrition and Wellness Coach, an independent promoter with Prüvit, and an enthusiastic and motivating individual, not a medical doctor. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section for more information.

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